Martindale Sidwell - Compositions

Martindale Sidwell arranged numerous pieces for performance by his various choirs but the only original composition we know of at this time, his Festal Jubilate, remained unpublished during his lifetime.
Sebastian Forbes writes:-Martindale Sidwell composed this setting of the Jubilate, it is believed, early in 1956. It was not sung a great deal, but such was its impact when he introduced it at Hampstead Parish Church that, more than 50 years later, many of us who sang
it as choristers can recall it vividly. Sidwell's characteristic robust energy is clearly evident, with a welcome moment or two of contrasting lyricism.

It is with great pleasure therefore that we publish the edited score here for download and, we hope, performance. Choirmasters, if you decide to perform the Jubilate please let us know. It is hoped that in the near future we will be able to publish a recording of its performance for everyone to enjoy. A scan of the original manuscript score has also been unearthed amongst the MS papers and a pdf of this is also available for download.

  Click on the cover to download the pdf of the edited score (4.2Mb)
Click on the image to download a low resolution pdf of the original manuscript (392k)